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Leavin On A Jet Plane: Take Two ~ Now The Time Has Come To Leave ~ Form
Shannon/Sayid Dancing

Title: Leavin On A Jet Plane: Take Two
Author: DiorNicole
Rating: PG-13 thru R
Spoilers: Whole Series
Note: OC Submission Story 

Summary: We're Leavin on a Jet Plane, for places unimaginable. Let's unpack our bags and read about the unknown tales of the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815.

Disclaimer: Lost is owned by: J.J., Damon Lindelof, Touchstone & ABC. No money being made but after all the work my beta put into this project, I’ll owe her money.



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'Fall Premiere Week’
Shannon/Sayid Dog

Were three days into ‘Fall Premiere Week’ and I’m happy so far. Originally I had plan to come on the same or following day and review the shows for that evening. But, I’ve decided to change that. With my DVR in full affect, I picked and chose what shows I wanted to watch. So I’m just going to review each show as I watch them.  


Movie Review: Takers
Balck Art

                                                        Takers Poster



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Picture Of The Moment
Big Girl


 ‘This is exactly how my desk looks.’



Fall Preview
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Movie Review: Resident Evil: Afterlife




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Movie Review: Just Wright
Shannon/Sayid Dog


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‘Picture Of The Moment’
Sad Kitten

This is exactly how I feel today. The only positive for me; it’s Friday.


Community Information

Craphole Island

Hey, You All Everybody!!!

With Lost being over and proving that Shayid is End-Game; I figured it was time to update the profile for, ‘Craphole Island’. This C2 is still dedicated to the wonderful relationship of, Shannon & Sayid and hoping more writers will start writing for them again.

With them help of my staff: LadyRoseIsHereToStay & TheWitchAndTheVampire; I hope we build this C2 into something great. So come take a trip to ‘Craphole Island’ you wont be sorry.

DiorNicole, LadyRoseIsHereToStay & TheWitchAndTheVampire

As of Sunday September 12, 2010, there are: 74 wonderful Shannon & Sayid stories housed there.


Communities Where I’m A Part Of The Staff

Diamonds On Black Velvet

A place in the world for stories that feature the true Diamonds of ‘Twilight.’ (Rosalie & Emmett, Alice & Jasper and Esme & Carlisle.) It could be Romance, Sibling Bonding, Parent/Children moments and other high and lows of their lives.

Stories placed here will center on the previously mentioned characters. (Most will not have Bella or Edward as main Characters. Sorry.)

Staff wanted and Needed. Thanks for stopping Past!

Lady Rose, DiorNicole & LilyanaInLilyanaville

As of Sunday September 12, 2010, there are: 270 wonderful stories housed there.


Bon-Bon And Red Wine

A Community For All Things Bamon. These are some of the best Bamon stories around. All have been read by myself or my good friend. Pop some Popcorn, grab a glass of wine and take a trip into the land of Bamon.


As of Sunday September 12, 2010, there are: 135 wonderful Bonnie & Damon stories housed there.


Story Idea's

I have two story ideas that have been floating around in my head. I plan to work on at least one of them to get me back in the writing mood. I thinking put it out in the Universe will help get me in gear.

Story Idea # 1:

Twilight (Rosalie/ Emmett)

For me Rosalie is the best part of the Twilight Series. She honest, real, down to earth and many other things. I would really like to write a Scrooge/ A Christmas Carol type story about her.

Story Idea # 2:

Fast and the Furious (Dom & Letty)

What can I say, I love these two. I was so hurt when they killed her in the last movie. I love that they have such an honest relationship. They have their hardships but at the end of the day they love each other. Although, I think Dom leaving Letty in the middle of the night was a real Punk Move.

I would like to write something about this wonderful relationship. If I went into the plot it would give to much away.


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